The Best Herbs, spices and oil manufacturing unit

Herbaveda Overseas is an offshoot of a gaggle of companies working since 1912 in the Indian herbal industry. The company is a professionally managed entity. Its main activity is to provide raw herbs, ayurvedic products, seeds spices, extracts, keto diet and superfoods ingredients, essential oils, and other herbal products in India and abroad.

During our prosperous journey of nearly ten decades, the group has accomplished several milestones. The promoters of the group belong to the herbal practitioner family since origin. With almost decades of experience and involvement in herbal raw materials, nutraceuticals the parent company is well established and is recognized globally as a reliable source for quality products. The Company offers over 3800 natural herbs out of which over 200 are rare and scarce. The availability of the specified quality of those rare herbs may be a big issue in itself. The Company is documented for the standard of those specific herbs and has access to sources developed over an extended period of your time.