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Curculigo orchioides or  Kali musli

Curculigo orchioides or Kali musli

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Advantages of Kali Musli 

Natural Name for Kali Musli is Curculigo orchioides. It is additionally ordinarily called Curcuglio brilliant eye grass, Black musli, Taalmuli, Musali kand and so on. 

This backwoods herb is found all through India. It is additionally found in nations like the Middle East, Arabia, Africa, Pakistan and Southern pieces of Asia. It is utilized as a society medication. The rhizome part is utilized as a medication. It is utilized to treat heaps, blood-related issues, retching, looseness of the bowels heartburn, and a canapé. Kali Musli has bunches of advantage in Ayurveda treatment of medication. It is getting uncommon in the event, as it is currently overexploited because of its health advantages. 

Top Benefits of Kali Musli 

  • As indicated by Ayurveda, the foundations of Kali Musli are Spanish fly, elective, stuffing, and hors d'oeuvre. Following are a portion of the restorative employments of Kali musli as indicated by Ayurveda- 
  • Male Libido Loss: Crush base of dark musli and make it into powder structure. Take 250gms of this powder and blend 50ml of nectar to it. Take 1/4tsp of this arrangement 2 times each day for 1-2 weeks to see the advantages 
  • Jaundice: Mix 5grms of root powder in warm milk appropriately and take is before consistently. You could proceed with your ordinary drug and take this answer for quicker help. This could help in quick recuperation from the sickness 
  • Dysuria: on the off chance that you are experiencing this sickness where the pee is excruciating and troublesome at that point expend a blend of 3grms of dried root powder of dark musli with warm milk 1 time of your decision in a day 
  • Indigestion: Take 3gms of dark musli powder and blend it in milk. Take is at one time a day. It would help in disposing of acid reflux and stomach gas and other processing related issues 
  • Skin Problems: Crush the roots and set up a past out of powder. Apply this on the skin to dispose of pimples and rashes. You could likewise utilize it as a face pack to get shining skin

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