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Hartal Warkia or Hartal Warqi

Hartal Warkia or Hartal Warqi

hartal warqia perminant hair removal treatment

STEP #1INGREDIENTS⦁ LimeStone ,⦁ Hartal Warkia )yellow stone ( ,⦁ Egg Whiten ,PROCEDURE
⦁ Take limestone and hartal warki in an equivalent sum and granulate them well.

⦁ Put this blend into a hermetically sealed container .

⦁, First of all, you evacuate all your facial hairs with wax or string .

⦁ Than takes limestone and hartal warki in an equivalent sum and include egg brighten in it and make a thick glue .

⦁ Apply this glue on your facial hairs easily and leave it for 30 to 35 minutes .

⦁ Than expels it off with a tool or blade .

⦁ And than wash it with cold water .

⦁ Colchicum Bitter )Suranjan e Talkh(
⦁ Qust e Shirin or Qust-al-Bahri .

⦁ After that take suranjan e talkh and qust e shirin)Qust-al-Bahri(in equal amount , gring both ingredients well.
⦁ Apply this powder on facial hairs removal area daily for effective results .These natural Home Remedies for Unwanted FacialHairs are easy to use and are mostly available at your home or you can get it from nearer market easily. Follow these tips and say goodbye to your facial hairs forever .


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