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Keekar Fali - Arabic Tree - Babool Fali - Vachellia Nilotica

Keekar Fali - Arabic Tree - Babool Fali - Vachellia Nilotica

keekar fali assists in alleviating with jointing torment because of its pain relieving and mitigating properties. Applying a glue of Babool phali powder and coconut oil oversees oral issues, for example, plaque development and gum disease because of its antibacterial property. BENEFITS of keekar fali - - babool fali- acacia nilotica

As indicated by Ayurveda, biting little bits of new Babool bark is really great for overseeing oral medical conditions as it reinforces gums and teeth because of its astringent property.

 Looseness of the bowels and Lose movement.


Hack and Cold.

Joint inflammation and Fractured bone.

    1 Kilogram
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