Lata kasturi or Abelmoschus moschantus or Ambrette seeds

Lata kasturi or Abelmoschus moschantus Medic is a restorative herb local to India. It is additionally found in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is known by various names like Latakasturi (Ayurveda), Habb-ul-mushk (Unani) and Ambrette (English). Latakasturi has a huge therapeutic just as non-restorative qualities. Pretty much all aspects of this plant are utilized somehow or another or the other. 


Latakasturi is an erect herb, having a delicate shaggy stem and a long taproot. The blossoms are enormous, around 3-4" in measure and brilliant yellow in shading with a purple focus. It produces musk-scented, grayish dark-colored shaded seeds because of the nearness of a ketone and ambrettelide in the seeds. The oil extricated from the seeds of this plant is utilized in fragrant healing and is utilized to treat sorrow, uneasiness, and apprehension. The oil is likewise utilized in perfumery and corrective ventures.


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