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Quercus Infectoria OR Maju phal OR Oak galls

Quercus Infectoria OR Maju phal OR Oak galls

Astringent action of Manjakani (Oak Galls) contributes to all its therapeutic benefits and uses. It is effective in wide range of diseases including dental problems, abdominal diseases, uterine disorders etc. We here discuss the principle uses and health benefits of Manjakani.


    The Gall wasps (also called gall midge flies or cynipid wasps) are responsible for the formation of Oak Galls. Gall wasps taint the new leaves or plant tissues and deposit eggs in on leaves. However, the formation of Oak Galls is poorly understood, but plant responds to the wasp larvae, which lead to a biochemical reaction between plant tissue and wasps’ larvae. There is hard and round shaped abnormal tissue is produced, which is called Manjakani or Oak Gall. This process may take several months.

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